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Why are Super Feeders pricey compared to some others?  See below:


a) They are all made here in the USA at a MUCH higher cost for labor and materials than being manufactured overseas.


b) All parts in the feeder can be replaced if ever needed at a later date and can be easily purchased directly from us without having to dispose of the whole feeder like so many out there manufactured who knows where.  If you send it to us for repair, YOU ONLY PAY FOR PARTS AT LISTED PRICE WITH NO LABOR CHARGE. YOU ONLY PAY FOR PARTS AND SHIPPING BACK TO YOU AS PRE-QUOTED.  Most repairs can be done for under $25 making a used feeder like new.  Many feeders used for two decades still work.


c) We do not cut corners in quality at any cost.  We only use the very best materials!  We use very clean acrylic for the housing, ABS for lid and floor, polycarbonate (practically indestructible material) for clear extensions and chute cover, stainless steel hardware in and out of the feeder, powder coated type mounting bracket and strap (expensive weather resistant coating) and black anodized mounting screws to match bracket. The Super Feeder can be custom mounted indoors or outdoors.  It is also weather resistant.  Using proper accessories, installation and protection from wild animals, it can be directly exposed to rain for such outdoor applications as pond fish feeding or other applications.


d)  If purchasing a combo with stand and bowl, you receive a heavy duty thick gage ABS stand and base that are practically indestructible (no shortage of material there).  You also receive a high quality bowl commonly used in kitchenware call SAN.  That material is dishwasher safe and does not promote bacterial growth like common plastics.  We have also received reports from customers that the bowl does not cause acne common in pets and caused by many regular plastic bowls.  This of course is not a guarantee from us but rather reported to us on several occasions.


e)  The feeder can be operated in many ways with just about any timer, whether one of ours or other source, or with practically any home automation system like the WeMo Switch.  The external device is only used to trigger and power the feeder at programmed times or could even control the feed time depending on what is used. 99.9% of the time there is a feeder issue, it's never the feeder and normally due to a timer failure or program error. A timer can be readily and economically replaced from many sources.


f)  The feeder will not bind up on kibbles, jam and self-destruct using an auger food extraction system like so many others because there is no auger.


G)  The food in the feeder will not "bridge" inside where you have to regularly go nudge the feeder to make the kibbles come through, so common in so many other feeder brands.  That's because of our special design with many flexible parts inside made out of durable polypropylene commonly used in refrigerator ice cube trays.  That product is clean and retains its original shape even when flexed times and times over.


As a final statement:  We challenge anyone to find another brand feeder with the wide range of operation and application versatility that the Super Feeder offers!  Also, do not forget the one-on-one direct customer service with the manufacturer.  On another note, we do not claim that it is the most attractive feeder, but it WORKS and will keep working. Most importantly, if something were to go wrong, it can be economically and easily fixed compared to so many other cheap "disposable" products on the market today. In other words, you get what you pay for.


Best Regards,


The Super Feed Family