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Sorry, for now we no longer process online orders for destinations others than Netherlands, Virgin Islands.  You may contact us first for information about other destinations.  You must contact us first.  

Primary reason why you may not order directly from our store for countries with 220-240V:  If you are inquiring about purchasing a Super Feeder, be aware of its power and operating requirements. The Super Feeder only operates with an input voltage of 12 to 24 volts AC or DC.  All feeders except the Koi pond Feeders come with a Plug-in power transformer with an input voltage of 120VAC to 240V  and 12VDC or AC output, however, it will require a plug adapter if you plan on using it because of being the bladed type (USA).  All our external timers are only available for 120V 60Hz which means that you will most likely need to acquire one locally to trigger your feeder at programmed times of day.  Koi pond feeders will require a power supply of your own because the supplied power supply is only for 120V.  Please review the following webpage in regards to what may be required:

Other very important reason is that we have experience extreme delays in deliveries to many countries due primarily to Customs holding orders too long.

Combo deals with a timer will most likely not be compatible with the voltage in your country. You may however purchase a combo without a timer and purchase your own 220V timer and also a 12V transformer (if needed).  We may have a power supply on the store that will work in your country by looking at it, but we cannot guarantee that the plug style will fit unless you think so.

International warranty for our dc timers and feeders will be honored as per our normal warranty policy, but we will not pay for any shipping costs inbound or outbound or possible import fees for any returns/exchanges.  We will however do everything possible to minimize weight for repairs/replacements in order to save cost.

Shipping:  We will only ship most feeder packages via USPS international Priority Mail (normally 6-10 days), or International Express Mail (3-5 days) for too many reasons to list.  Be aware that rates vary greatly depending on destination, weight and size of package, which do not include any possible Duties.  Small items under 4 lb may be available via .  If you cannot order on the store, we will give you a firm quote after you give us your address and tell us exactly what you are wanting to purchase.  We will only ship via UPS or FedEx if you give us your account number and charges are reversed to you, for which there will still be a $5.00 processing fee.  Please keep in mind that USPS Mail is always much cheaper than UPS or FedEx.  Once again, our shipping quote will not include any possible import fees, if any, which are entirely your responsibility.  Additionally, we do not refund any shipping fees.

If you are ordering on the online store, we will assume that you are fully aware of our international policy before you ordered online.  

Approved countries:  If you order with a credit card, it will only an authorization with hold on funds for a few days.  The card will be charged when the order is filled.  If voided/cancelled, the order will simply not be filled and the hold on funds will disappear from your card account after a few days.  Depending on the nature of the order, we never guarantee that any order will be filled, but we will notify you before cancelling the order if deemed necessary, and you will not be charged.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

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