A very short summary of a few testimonial examples posted below from past customers posted on this information website.  You will also find recent direct customer reviews on our store at 


 Just a note to tell you how much I ( and my cats) enjoy your product.We've had it for 7 years, and it keeps dispensing food 4 times a day every day. My cats hear it when it goes off, and come running. One of my cats is a real pig, and I'm sure she would be  really overweight if not for your product.

    Keep up the good work, Bob


This invention is amazing! And the customer service is amazing as well. The inventor, Jerry - has helped me over the phone several times, walking me through some trouble-shooting. I've had the same feeder for 8+ years. It's in a barn in Wyoming where temperatures get down to -20 and I've never had any problems that Super Feeder wasn't able to help me solve. Thanks Jerry! What a brilliant invention!


I couldn't be any happier about my entire shopping experience with Super-Feed Enterprise. Customer service was outstanding with timely and helpful communication. My order was shipped the same day I ordered it and showed up two days early. Every part was meticulously wrapped and as described. This is truly a high quality American made product that I am proud to support. Easy to follow Installation instructions (the kind they don't make anymore) were sent both as PDFs and with the product. I ordered an electronic timer which also came with easy instructions for set-up. I had worried about what would happen if the power went out but the timer has an internal battery to keep feeding on track, no need to re-set anything. I let it go through my four feeding cycles over one day before introducing it to my cat to monitor amounts fed and function of timer. The superb engineering of this feeder allows me to have full control over amount and frequency of feeds. I use asymmetrical kibble of the same size and found each portion to vary about the same as if I was scooping it up myself (very slightly). After two days my cat is already picking up on the feeding schedule and will patiently lay watching the bowl instead of bugging me for food. This is a feeder I would trust if I had to leave my cat for a weekend. Of course I am now using it everyday anyway.


Alexandra Kovacs, vet tech and RN



Hi Gerard!

Received the super feeder for my Lab this afternoon. Again, I just needed it to feed Andi one cup of kibble once in the morning, just for the month of December, while my wife is gone. After that, we won’t need it often, but when we do, I feel confident that it will perform! The quality of all the parts … outstanding. The way it is packaged (disassembled), I can’t imagine it being damaged in shipping. The assembly/fit and instructions were right on. Perfect! I love the simple design and versatility. I can not imagine anyone complaining about your product. Thanks again for a great product, pre-purchase support and the extra Kibisan Bowl. Keep-up the good work and best of luck in your business!!



Stephen B. H. D.D.S.



I've had a super feeder setup for my cats for about 8+ years now and love how reliable it is! I've just noticed recently that the chute setup seems to be dispensing a little more irregularly and I'm thinking of just replacing that part. I'm curious if a late model housing unit ( will fit on my existing electronics bottom board? Or would it be better to buy a new setup since it's been 8-9 years?

Many thanks!


Hi Gerard - thanks so much for the info!

Just wanted to say again how much I like the Super Feeder. I just appreciate that it works every time like it's supposed to. 



 On Sat, Aug 13, 2016 at 2:43 PM, Info <> wrote:


Nice to hear from you. Not that I want to push business away, but you most likely only need a new roller and maybe gate/slide set. Easy to replace if you've never done it. If your food has not been hanging up at the chute opening, that's probably all you need. The new housing is great if you use larger food. It has a bigger chute opening where the food comes out and of course a bit larger chute cover. 

 Either way, you can get all parts on the store. Yes, the newer "complete housing"  will fit perfectly if you want a nearly new feeder. 




      Thank you, thank you for a great product and such attention to detail.

       - Catherine


 I don’t normally do this, but I bought a unit from you recently, and just wanted to share what I posted on Facebook about your product.  Note:  we think it should be named the “Kibbleator” because it terminated nighttime begging.  Thank you for a great product….and if you had a Facebook account, I’d like to share it with my friends and family. 

 “Best investment we ever made for a good night’s sleep and to reduce tripping over hungry cats hazards. I have 2 confirmed, kitty-kibble fiends, and now with the autotimer set for 2 and 10, am and pm, they have no reason to come and wake me up for a midnight nibble. They now pray to their new Kibbleator and are trying to figure out how to trick the timer. Of course Fancy Feast wetfood must still be dispensed at 6 am and pm, on separate plates, by well-trained cat-slaves, but at least the slaves are getting a good night’s sleep!”


 Gail M. Brion, PhD. Lexington, KY

Professor of Environmental Engineering and Health

Director of the Environmental Research and Training Laboratories




 Victor S. Cortese, D.V.M., Ph.D., Dipl ABVP (dairy)

Director Cattle-Equine  Immunology and Biologics

Zoetis Inc.


 that jammed up almost every day.



I have a KSF-2 which I purchased back in 2005 for my pond; the unit has never missed a feeding and is still going strong. I have tried many other different types but this the best and the most reliable.

My wife dropped the lid in the pond and I can not find it. Will the "Extra Super-Feeder/hopper lid" fit my old feeder? The hopper dimensions are 3 5/16” x 3 1/16”

Thanks for a great product!


to the different sizes of available cat food out there. Now Itty goes running when she hears the food drop and does not beg for food in between. LOVE that it is made in the USA.


Testimonial for ya:

 You guys, this thing is absolutely fantastic. Even with slightly irregular-shaped cat food, I was able to fine-tune the feedings to distribute an average of 1/2 cup (total) across the whole day; 12 feedings. My cat used to over-eat, and as a result would often vomit - this setup has cut down on that problem considerably.  I highly recommend this to any pet owner - especially those with a "fat-cat-skinny-cat" scenario.

 For this scenario, I now have the perfect setup (see attached image). The large cat eats from the feeder at set intervals, while the skinny cat slips into the 'food box' when he feels like eating. The box opening is adjustable, and the whole thing was made from a single, clear 24in x 48in acrylic sheet, with absolutely zero wastage (simply cut in half, then again for ends, then one end into half twice more). Makes a spectacular combination with your feeder.

 Thanks so much!


It has been 3 years (since August, 2010) that we purchased and are using your Super Feeder for our incredibly smart and innovative cat, Merlin…and WE LOVE your feeder!  It has worked flawlessly since we received it.  We love that it easily allows for us to add a feeding as a snack when we are away on short trips.  We also love that even if there is a power outage when we are away, it automatically just picks up the cycles when the power returns.  This is an amazing, American made product worth EVERY penny.  Prior to this we had various other so called automatic feeders such as the Pet Bistro that are available in chain pet stores.  NONE of those - and we went through 3 of them - worked as well or lasted for more than about a year.  Thank you for a quality, reliable product.  We strongly suggest that anyone seeking such a feeder - especially of you have a clever cat that figures out how to reach up and “mine” for his food! - get this unit. Thanks and keep up the great work! - Gene & Cherie in Sacramento, CA


Just wanted to give you a hearty well done for your product!  Recently we found ourselves without anyone to rely upon to feed our indoor cat while away for a weekend wedding and after having done a diligent web search on available products, selected yours.  I purchased the combo with a digital timer because I swear my big 11 year old male cat can tell time and is big on routine, down to the minute.  An analog timer would not have been precise enough.  Assembly took about 20 minutes, most of which was reading directions and watching the assembly video.  We started feeding him before we went away to ensure there were no hiccups and that I had calibrated his feed amount properly.  Food amount is perfect--important since our guy is using moderate calorie food.  Now we will use the feeder twice a day because it removes any concern should we have to work late, plus it gets him even more used to the routine.  Your unit is exceptionally well made, and though it takes a couple of readings to understand how to set up the separate digital timer, that is also well worth the effort.

 Glad to see a small business filling a need with an exceptionally well made product.  Keep up the good work!

 Very sincerely,

Marcus in Philadelphia


 Just got my feeder today. Thank you for such a smooth transaction and a super quick shipment. Wanted to give you my opinion on the installation instructions I have heard both pro and cons about before placing my order. Well done, it's nice to see that the US companies we are all so proud of, do truly build and design the best products. This feeder is so well designed and built that I will be recommending your feeder to anyone who I think has a need.

 Thanks again and keep up the good work.

 Very happy new customer for life,

 Gregory Scott Evans

Columbus, OH


Thank you for the fabulous customer service you have provided. I received the parts yesterday and plan on re-mounting the feeders in a more secure fashion this afternoon.

I am a recently graduated veterinarian and I recommend super feeders as one piece of the solution for anyone who has problems with cats that wake them up early in the morning or late at night.

Thanks again!

Emily Franquin DVM, MPH=


My original review was on Amazon, hence the stars. Like I said if they last a few years or more I will happily change my rating to 5 star. So impressed with the product.

Dominic Pintozzi



Thank you for your great service! 

It is the first day I did not have to wake up at 5:30am to feed my cats. It was a very good morning for me. :)

Keep it up on giving  quality products.



You could find something made in China for half the price, and every piece of it would be cheap.
Every time I even lift the cap to fill this I can feel quality. And I say to myself that I'm really glad I chose this.
If you buy the other one, you'll only be happy during checkout. Where I'm happy with this every time I hear it run


Sharon Chan







I absolutely love your cat food dispenser and have used mine for years.  It keeps the cat from waking me up in the mornings so we can live together in peace.  And it allows me freedom to leave the house  without rushing home to feed him at set times. 

 But.  He has just been diagnosed with a urinary disease that requires him to be fed a 100% wet food diet.    And now he's waking me up in the mornings again and we're both miserable. 

  All the other cat food dispensers out there are so poorly constructed, and not cat-proof. Yours is the only one that my cat has never been able to break into.  Please, do you have any plans to design a wet-food dispenser that is also cat-proof?  It doesn't need to hold many meals, just one or two meals at a time.  Something with a place for an ice pack to keep the food fresh, and using the same timer as your super-feed  dry food dispensers.  

 A very heartfelt request  from a very tired, cat-owner.  

 ~ Bat-Sheva Guez


Problem #4! I could only afford one super feeder not two for both cats T^T and I knew they would't share politely. But I came up with a solution! I went on a trip to home depot in search of something to form feeding troths out of to evenly divert the food from one shoot into two bowls so I would only have to buy one feeder. I finally found some cheap little sheets of aluminum for around a $1 and went home and made up paper templates for the little troths to make sure they fit and looked right and then traced them onto the aluminum cut them out with tin snips and folded them to the right shape . I used Gorrila glue brand Epoxy Resin to glue the troths up inside the chute cover ensuring they would't budge. Once I had the chutes made I mounted the feeder directly to the wall via a small chunk of 2X4 painted white.

Its really important that you make sure the feeder is mounted level and anchored with at least two screws so that it wont twist at all on the wall so that when the food comes out of the chute the troths divide the food evenly into both dishes. It really does divide it almost perfectly if its nice and even with only 2-3 food kernels variance .

Tada!!! one super feeder for two kitties! I was still skeptical that they would share nicely and as you can see in the video Calcifer tends to jump over to Neffy's side and take a bite before running back to his own side. The solution to this little problem is just putting up a small wall barrier made out of cardboard protecting Neffy's side so that Calcifer can't stick his fat head into her dish and she can eat in peace.

Now this magical feeder is timed to go off four evenly spaced times throughout the day feeding them both the same small amounts. Now there is no more early morning chaos and constant begging and fighting all day and Neffy no longer throws up her food!! When they know its close to time to eat they both sit by their established side of the feeder and wait for it to go off.

The fighting between the two cats almost completely disappeared and peace has finally arrived. If this feeder ever breaks I will not hesitate to buy another because of the sanity it has given me. An added bonus is that I can now travel places and only have someone stop by once a week to check on the kitties and refill the feeder instead of coming by several times a day,


Make sure you use the right food or the kernels will get stuck or not come out evenly! I use Blue buffalo brand cat food because it comes in small round kernels that come out of the chute in perfectly measured amounts

Also if your kitties are vigorous eaters and move the dishes around the floor while eating try gluing their bowls to small but heavy ceramic tiles you can get from a home improvement store. They come in lots of pretty colors and are heavy enough to keep the dishes in place so that the food kernels don't spill out onto the floor.

If you are short on cash like me go directly to the Super Feeder website and you can order a bare bones feeder with no plastic mount/bowl included and you can simply mount the feeder to the wall with a chunk of 2X4.


 Sent from Windows Mail


 I just want to thank you for shipping me your Super Feeder to the UK. It has been in twice-daily use for 6 months now and I am extremely happy with it's performance. It is very sturdy, well made and reliable and has never caused me any issues. I use it with pellets for my house rabbit and as you can see from the attached photo, he is very pleased with it!

 Many thanks again and congratulations on producing such a great product.



I've had one super feeder for about 5 years now and another for 3.  Because of these devices, my cats are much happier.  They've been instrumental in allowing one of my cats to lose 5lbs to get to a healthy weight without much suffering by allowing for many small meals each day.  I want to thank your company for producing such a high quality reliable product.  The modular design of your product is also excellent.  I've been able to mount in several different ways and control it in others.  My only minor complaints are that the screws holding the sections of the hopper together tend to be a bit loose and come apart (I had to replace them with small nuts and bolts which worked excellently) and the adjustment knob is very sensitive, although I understand this is necessary to allow for a wide range of feeding times. 


Thank you so much for such an excellent product.  It has not just eliminated a tedious task for me, but also has likely added additional years to the lives of my animals.





My husband and I are so pleased with this feeder. It works great. It was a little involved when setting up but as long as you read the instructions carefully, you won't have any problem. We've had it for a couple of weeks now and we are totally satisfied. Our cat no longer harasses us in the middle of the night for food, and since she cannot self feed, this works out perfectly. She is on a special diet that we buy from the vet and It works in the machine just fine. I love the fact that she can get small portions 6 times a day. We purchased the model with the timer. Love it!!!

Amazon customer

This cat feeder is incredibly well constructed and so far very kitty proof. We had the Pet Safe 2 meal feeder before (from Petco $40), and in about 5 seconds our 2 kitties had gotten their paws under the flimsy lids and cracked the thing wide open. The Super Feeder is in a completely different class of construction--- every piece fits into every other piece nice and snug, the plastic is very thick and solid, and every piece that is important gets screwed together. Finally, a kitty feeder that is thoughtfully designed and well executed!

Amazon customer who purchased feeder with chute cover installed


Thank you, and thank you for your service. I appreciate the discount and the fast service we've received. We received the feeder just in time for the holiday weekend and our cat is happily running towards it at regular intervals. :)

Thanks again,






I found your feeder on your website and figured I would give it a try.    I must say I am extremely impressed with the quality of the feeder.   I assembled it (great instructions) and ran some feeding tests... Being able to adjust the feeding time and feed amount is exactly what I needed.  It works perfect.   Mounting the unit was easy as the mounting hardware included was spot-on...  and sturdy!   I love the expandability of the product by adding hopper extensions.  As my fish grow and need more food over a period of time, I can just add more hoppers.   You have a solid product.   Keep up the great work!   You have a customer for life.  
Don Smith

 I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I bought the CSF-3 quart superfeeder combo deal

and it has worked out just very well so far. It has made feeding my multi-cat household a controlled amount of food very simple. The cats no longer bug me for food because the feeder's set schedule removes me from the equation. Now they just hang out by the feeder when they know food is on its way. Cats do really well with routines so this worked out perfectly.This is a great product for people looking to control their indoor cats' weight without the hassle of having to be around for multiple small feedings. Works great as a vacation feeder too!

Thanks again! -Carissa
Gerard- Yes, I did get the first feeder and am very happy with the way it works (I am working on adapting it to go outside a rabbit cage and pour the pellets into an inside crock (since rabbits will chew the feeder).  I like the way the feed can be fine tuned and did not find any other products out there that would work for such an adaptation.  I also like the way different attachments  can be used- since we have many pets and feeding needs that could change over time.  I found your product on the internet, and did not find others that compared .  Thanks!











Anyway, thanks for all your help and support.

So far I'm very happy with the product.

Thanks a bunch.

--- bill


    The Super Feeder works beautifully.  As an retired engineer I am very impressed with the unit's design, simplicity, options for AC or DC power, adjustability for feeding, mounting, and feed capacity.  It looks like an awful lot of thought, development, manufacturing tooling, and assembly simplification went into this product.

    Regards,   Leon


Thanks for you're quick response

Nice to talk to you again. I'm still thrilled about the fact that these feeders are working so good. You (your feeders) made my life as a dog trainer much easier. Finally I have a device that is a radio transmitter and receivers on the feeders so I can operate the feeders from a few hundred meters away.

I guess in the future we will order more feeders because already a lot of people have being watching this new method of training and when they want to start doing this too they need at least some feeders hahaha.



Yes I received the feeders a few days ago. Everything is perfect. Thanks again!

My technicians made some remote controls on it so I can use feeders in training situations in every setting. The remote controls are working over more than 1000 meters distance!  Perfect!