Supplemental information update:  The "feed time adjustment" dial will differ in some later models.  If your feeder does not have a dial as shown above left, it will have a "multiple-turn" (about 20) micro adjustment type slotted screw that you can turn around and around for very fine adjustment of feed cycle time as depicted in far right picture above.  Also, it will not have a "jumper" plug meaning that the reset time is standard at 1-2 minutes of off time.  That model's status power-on light (showing under the translucent housing to the left of the feed time adjustment dial) will be blue instead of green in earlier models and will stay on as long as the feeder receives power.  Additionally, there will also be an internal green light that will only be on while feeding and will go out after the motor stops. The green light helps troubleshooting for possible motor failure.


  Triggering several feeders simultaneously

The terminal strip does the same thing as the jack and plug, except that you can use wire directly hooked to it.  It can be used for a "bare" wire input hook-up for the KSF-2 Koi-Pond model or the CSF-3 cat feeder to keep animals from unplugging the jack plug if necessary.  You can also use it as an input/output to wire multiple feeders together and trigger them simultaneously.  A cord is available to do that.  Attach the second feeder's adapter cord metal blades to the first feeder's terminals underneath the feeder (picture above), and plug the plug end of the cord into the second feeder's input jack.  Another option if you want to separate the feeders farther away from each other is to use a long wire like speaker wire.  You then attach one end to feeder number one's alternate terminal strip underneath its floor and attach the other end to feeder number two's alternate terminal strip.  You could then trigger two feeders using only one timer and power adapter.  Note:  When using this technique, observe polarity of the terminal strip (+) if your power supply is DC output.  If you hook it wrong and the feeder does not run, simply reverse wires on the terminals.  You could use a power strip plugged into one timer with several power adapters plugged into the strip to trigger several feeders together, or you could use a timer with dual outlets for two feeders. A wire clamp is supplied underneath the feeder to also help hold wires in place.  You should use this clamp to keep the jack plug wire out of the way.

To disable the distribution slide shaking mechanism, lift the slide, slip a thin screwdriver or other item behind the shaker wire as shown, and lift up towards you as indicated on the picture below.  We do not recommend disengaging the shaker with food larger than 1/4" thick by 3/8" long, but you may test other kibble sizes.

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Revised 09-14-2016